I began my career in art as a professional ceramicist. After receiving my BA from a university, I attended the Philadelphia College of Art, now known as the University of the Arts, for four years. I showed in Museums and Galleries all over the United States and have a piece in the permanent collection of the Delaware Museum of Art. 

However, because of physical problems that interfered with my ability to do heavy work, ceramics slowly faded from my life. It was a happy day when I discovered beading and jewelry making. It filled the bill for my creative urges.

I like to mix vintage beads and semi-precious stones to create necklaces that have interesting patterns of various textures, forms and colors. My beads come from all over the world--China, Japan, Hong Kong, South America, Europe, and the United States. Sometimes they work together to make something quirky..other times they create a thing of beauty. Some of the necklaces are peaceful and quiet, and other times the colors are bold and say, "look at me." They appear to me as little works of art in themselves. It is a never-ending adventure to see where they will lead me, and the results feel like a wonderful gift.

-Judith Zieve